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Our Lead Teacher

About Ludivine

Ludivine - Lead teacher

Real French teacher based in the US

Ludivine has been teaching French in American public schools and French private schools for almost 3 years in Seattle, Washington State. 


Ludivine really understands her students and their needs. The first thing you’ll notice is her passion for teaching and driving kids to express themselves. 


Her meticulously structured French lessons are the result of her teaching experience with American children of all ages and levels.



The Little French Speakers team is a small and dynamic team that works hard to create the funniest French learning experience possible for children. 

The little french speakers


This was my son's first experience of French classes. He loved it! He was excited every weeks after the class to showed us how he spoke French.

Marcus 8 yo
March, 2021

Ludivine is great, my son was always looking forward to be there.

Arthur 7 yo
May, 2021

Great opportunity to learn in a personalized and fun way. Ludivine really engages each student and the lessons unique and educational.

Livia 6 yo
December, 2020

Thank you Ludivine. The class is very thorough and informative. The pacing is well organized and easy for beginners to pick up new words and phrases each week. My son love it!

Lucas 9yo
January, 2021

Fantastic class, Ludivine is a great teacher. My daughter loves the magical world with the characters. She can't wait for the next level.

Zoe 7yo
April, 2021

French Level 1 was a beautiful class! Ludivine was very organized and prepared. She was an excellent teacher and we have signed up for Level 2. My daughter loved this class and Ludivine!

Victoria 11 yo
February, 2021


From $18 per class

Grégoire | Little French Speakers

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