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Little French Speakers’ team is a dynamic team that works hard to create the funniest French learning experience possible for children.

Ludivine - Founder

Ludivine - Founder from Paris, France. Location : California.

Ludivine grew up in Normandie, it’s in the west coast in France. She moved 7 years ago in the USA and has been teaching French in American public schools and French private schools since she lived…

… in the United States of America. Ludivine really understands her students and their needs. The first thing you’ll notice is her passion for teaching and driving kids to express themselves. Her meticulously structured French lessons are the result of her teaching experience with American and French children of all ages and levels.

Laurence French Speakers
Laurence - Curriculum Specialist

Laurence - Curriculum specialist from Paris, France. Location: California.

Laurence grew up with a strong interest in foreign languages and cultures. After studying German Literature and Civilization, she began her career in…

… education teaching German, French and visual arts in middle school; she redirected to primary education and got her teaching licence in the Teaching Institute of Paris) and taught students from Kindergarten to 5th grade. In 2004, Laurence accepted a job offer from the French American International School of San Francisco, where she worked for 12 years teaching 1st and 2nd grade. Conjointly in 2010, she became cycle coordinator with a focus on the horizontal coherence between the subjects taught in French and the ones taught English as well as the building of strong bridges between grade levels. In 2016, she decided to explore the American public education system and accepted a position as Director of French immersion program in one of the first French immersion public schools in the Bay Area. Specialist in multilingual education, Laurence received the distinction of Chevalier de l’ordre des Palmes Academiques.

Sandra - Lead teacher
Sandra - Lead teacher

Sandra - Lead teacher from Paris, France. Location : New Mexico.

Sandra was born in Croatia, where she started learning French at the age of 9…

… She attended bilingual French Hight School, before moving to Paris in 1998 to study Human Resources and International Trade at Sorbonne University. Passionate with French language and culture, she lived in Paris for 22 years and worked as HR Consultant. Before joining Little French Speakers, she was teaching French for another private language school to both adults and children.

Amélie - Teacher
Amélie - Teacher

Amélie - Teacher from Troyes, France. Location : Arizona.

Amelie is a native French Teacher from the city of Troyes in Champagne Ardennes region…

…She is a creative individual with a master’s degree in arts and cinematography obtained in the University of Lille in France and moved to the USA in 2019 to start a family with her military husband in Arizona. she started a career as a children’s teacher in 2020.

Bess - Teacher
Bess - Teacher

Bess - Teacher from Lausanne, Switzerland. Location : Michigan.

Bess grew up in Switzerland, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the Alpes and the vibrant tapestry of the Swiss culture…

…She developed a deep love for the French language from a young age. Languages are not just communication tools; they are gateways to understanding the unique history, traditions, and people of other cultures.

She has been teaching for 17 years. Her teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that language and culture are inseparable. When you learn a language, you immerse yourself in the stories, traditions, and values of communities. Bess is making language learning a joyous experience beyond grammar rules and vocabulary. She create  a nurturing environment where students can explore the nuances of French-speaking countries’ culture.

Carine - Teacher
Carine - Teacher

Carine - Teacher from Paris, France. Location: California.

Carine was born in Paris, where she grew up and pursued her studies…

… Holding a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a bachelor’s degree in education, she worked for 10 years in French schools in France, with children and teenagers. She then taught for ten years in French high schools in the United States, in Washington and San Diego. She now resides in California, with an eight-year-old daughter and a twenty-year-old son. In her free time, she works as a costume designer for a children’s theater company. She loves traveling, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Céline - Teacher
Céline - Teacher

Céline - Teacher from Brussels, Belgium. Location: Georgia.

In early 2020, Céline left her native Belgium and moved to Georgia, USA, where she currently lives with her husband and her 3 children…

Céline holds a Master’s degree in French language and literature and taught French in a Belgian high school for approximately 10 years. After moving to the US, Céline earned a degree in teaching French as a second language. Before joining Little French Speakers, she had been teaching French to a wide variety of clients, in both professional and educational settings. 

Being a part of the Little French Speakers’ team allows her to bring together what she is most passionate about: teaching, sharing with others, and passing on her love of the beautiful French language.

Emilie - Teacher
Emilie - Teacher

Émilie - Teacher from Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, France. Location: California.

Emilie is a native French teacher.  She was born on a tiny French territory called Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, where she spent her childhood and her youth with her family…

… She moved to California 10 years ago. Emilie earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science of Education from Nantes University, a teaching certificate from the French Department of Education, and a Bilingual Master’s degree in International Education and Training from Bordeaux University. Emilie has 15 years of teaching experience, of which 8 were at international schools and 4 were online. She has always been passionate about languages and have dedicated her career to learning and teaching. Besides her work, Emilie loves spending time with her 2-year-old daughter, exploring the world, and going back to her French island.

Estelle - French teacher
Estelle - French teacher

Estelle - Teacher from Lyon, France. Location : Malaysia.

Estelle is a native French teacher from Lyon. With a bachelor’s degree in English and Italian from the University of Lyon II, she studied in Kingston, Ontario, Canada for a year, which significantly heightened her interest in languages and cultures…

…Subsequently, she pursued her master’s degree, focusing her thesis on Indigenous people of Canada. Obtaining a master’s degree in teaching English in 2020, she transitioned to becoming a government teacher that same year. Prior to relocating to Malaysia, she served as an English teacher in a French middle school for two years. Since then, she has been teaching French online. Currently, she is actively learning Malay and Swedish, enabling her to understand the challenges associated with acquiring a new language. With a keen interest in teaching through simple and enjoyable methods, she is dedicated to facilitating effective language learning experiences.

Karine - Substitute Teacher
Karine - Substitute Teacher

Karine - Teacher from Bordeaux, France. Location: California.

Karine grew up in Bordeaux, it’s in the south of France. She moved to California 24 years ago. She studied Foreign languages and Art history at the…

… University of Bordeaux. She first taught Preschool in Santa Barbara, California, and then took a break from working to raise her 3 children. They are 19,21 and 23. She is proud to have grown children bilingual, which is not easy. Later, she taught an Art History program for elementary schools that she created. Working with children and young adults is very fulfilling for her.

Karine - Teacher
Karine - Teacher

Karine- Teacher from Paris, France. Location : Spain.

Karine, who grew up in Paris France is a graduate of the University of Oxford and has worked in Spain, Gabon and Saudi Arabia as a French teacher and Montessori director and trainer…

… Her commitment to education extends to homeschooling her own children, demonstrating her love and passion for creating positive learning environments, whether in the classroom or online.

Lucie - Teacher
Lucie - Teacher

Lucie from Cognac, France. Location: Mexico.

Lucie was raised in Cognac, a city in the south-west of France…

… Traveling and learning new foreign languages is something she is passionate about. She started her career as a French language teacher after earning a bachelor’s degree in Languages, Translation, and Intercultural Mediation from the University of Poitiers. She has taught for a total of three years. She started working as a French teacher assistant in two middle schools in Spain. Two years ago, she moved to Mexico and taught French at a middle school (6th to 9th grades) for one school year. She began teaching online one year ago. During her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, playing the piano and dancing salsa.

Pascale - Teacher
Pascale - Teacher

Pascale - Teacher from Martinique, France. Location: Martinique.

Pascale live in Martinique with her family. She has a two-year-old daughter …

… She has been a French teacher for 4 years, primarily working at the secondary school level. Before obtaining a teaching certification (CAPES) in Modern Literature, she studied foreign languages. She is curious and have a wide range of interests and greatly enjoys sharing her knowledge.

Sylvie - Teacher
Sylvie - Teacher

Sylvie - Teacher from Paris, France. Location: Tennessee

Sylvie is originally from Paris, she spent three years living in the French Riviera before relocating to California for fifteen years ..

…Currently residing in Tennessee, Sylvie holds dual French and American citizenships. She boasts two bachelor’s degrees: one in English obtained in France, and another in French completed in the United States with the highest honors distinction. Passionate about teaching her native language, Sylvie’s dedication to education dates to her childhood. Her greatest joy as a teacher lies in witnessing her students’ progress and deepened understanding of the French language and culture. Outside of teaching, Sylvie enjoys sports, animals, and exploring foreign languages. An avid traveler, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to meet you!

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