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Progressive online French courses.
6 levels from beginners to advanced.

  • Focus on the quality of experience with individual classes.
  • 25-minute class designed to keep kids highly engaged and stimulated.
  • All teachers are native French speakers.
  • 100% online interactive program for 5 to 18 year-old kids.

Level 1 - Beginner

Beginner level 1 is designed specifically for kids who are new to the French language. In a fun and engaging way, kids learn to understand simple instructions from their teacher, communicate and recite the French alphabet and, play language games, all while learning basic words and sentence structure. 

Nous offrons des classes personnalisées à des horaires adaptées à nos élèves, selon leur fuseau horaire. Veuillez mentionner l’horaire souhaitée lors du free trial ou en nous contactant.

Ages : 6-8 years / level 1 beginner

Fridays at 3:00pm
from April 2nd to June 18th 2021

Ages: 9-11 years / level 1 beginner

Mondays at 4:00pm,
from March 29th to June 14th 2021

Level 2 - Beginner

Beginner level 2 is designed to enable students to start bringing French words together. In a fun and engaging way, kids expand their vocabulary and start understanding basic grammatical structures. They construct sentences and understand questions. 

Age: 6-8 years / Level 2 beginner

Wednesdays at 2:00pm
from March 31st to June 16th 2021

Saturdays at 9:00am
from April 3rd to June 19th 2021

Age: 9-11 years / Level 2 beginner

Fridays at 5:00pm,
from March 31st to June 16th 2021

Saturdays at 11:00am,
from April 3rd to June 19th 2021

Level 3 - Intermediate

The intermediate level 3 is designed to build up sentences in French. In a fun and engaging way, the students expand their vocabulary considerably. They learn about the grammatical structures of the present and also discover the future tense. They make sentences by themselves and are comfortable asking questions. 

Age: 6-8 years / level 3 intermediate

Wednesdays at 3:00pm
from March 31st to June 16th 2021

Age: 9-11 years / level 3 intermediate

Fridays at 4:00pm,
from April 2nd to June 18th 2021

Level 4 - Intermediate

The intermediate level 4 is designed to teach students to speak French in the past, present and future tenses. In an engaging and fun way, students learn how to combine rich vocabulary and grammar. Students develop greater confidence and enjoy more meaningful conversations in French. 

Age: 6-8 years – level 4 intermediate

Wednesdays at 4:00pm
from March 31st to June 16th 2021

Age: 9-11 years – level 4 intermediate

Thursday at 4:00pm,
from April 1st to June 16th 2021

Saturdays at 10:00am,
from April 3rd to June 19th 2021

Level 5 - Advanced

The advanced level 5 is designed for children with a solid knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. This level helps consolidate the knowledge of language and develops confidence in speaking. The student will be comfortable with differents topics covered during the classes. They are able to have reasonably complex conversations in French. 

Age: 6-8 years / level 5 advanced

Tuesdays at 3:00pm
from March 30th to June 15th 2021

Age: 9-11 years / level 5 advanced

Saturdays at 1:00pm,
from April 3rd to June 19th 2021

Level 6 - Advanced

The advanced level 6 is designed for children who are already fluent in French. This program will further develop their skills and confidence. The learning concentrates on grammar, writing, speaking and, conversation.

Age: 6-8 years / level 6 advanced

Thurdays at 3:00pm
from April 1st to June 17th 2021

Age: 9-11 years / level 6 advanced

Tuesdays at 4:15pm,
from March 30th to June 15th 2021

Frequently asked questions

Your questions

Our classes are adapted to the students in order to make classes comfortable and inclusive. Teachers adapt their language according to students’ individual needs. For beginners, our teachers have a specific program to ease their onboarding. Our method is developed through games and immersion starting with simple words, mimes and gestures. As their level improves, the teacher will use more complex words to further grow their confidence. All of our teachers are bilingual and can also use English to explain as needed. 

Yes, to ensure continuity, each class across all levels is delivered by the same teacher. 

Ideally, your child needs his pencil case and some paper to be able to write. But we can also adapt to whatever your child has on hand. 

You can choose convenient days and times in your account. If you experience difficulties setting a schedule, please, feel free to contact us.

A lesson lasts for 25 minutes. Many scientific studies show that this is the optimal time for children to concentrate on individual lessons with native speakers. If you think your child is ready for one hour, you are welcome to schedule 2 lessons in a row.

You are welcome to subscribe for 1 or 2 lessons per week for a period of 4 weeks. Subscription renews automatically at the end of each period.

You can cancel a class in your account no later than 48 hours before the class starts and move the lesson to another time within the next 7 days.

– Seasonal discounts and promotions are published in official groups on social networks.
– We also give a special discount (-10% per kid) for families with 2 students and +

In our classes, kids write and draw on the virtual board, see themselves and the teacher. The size of a mobile phone screen is not enough for kids to clearly watch their teachers articulate sounds, their mimics, or write the necessary words on the board. We care about the learning process and advise you to use a PC, a laptop, or a tablet.

The little french speakers


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