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Paris – Your Child’s Gateway to French Language and Culture

When you think of a trip to Paris, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t necessarily your children. Surprisingly however, Paris is one of the most child-friendly cities you
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Benefits of Learning French from a Native-Speaking Teacher

There’s much debate about whether it’s more effective to learn a language with a native speaker or with someone who has learned another language later in life. Learning French or
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Benefits of Bilingualism for Kids

Why should a child try to learn a second language while they’re still mastering their first? Surely, a second language would be too much while a child is simultaneously navigating
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Learning French – A lifelong investment for your children

French is the world’s 5th most popular language by the number of speakers after Mandarin, English, Spanish and Arabic. Along with English, French is the only language spoken across the
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5 Tips for Kids Learning a Second Language

Our last blog, Learning French – A lifelong investment for your children (click here), explored how bilingualism provides children great personal and professional possibilities in later life. In another blog,
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Is your Child Ready for the Digital World?

Online classrooms aren’t for everyone. But for some kids, digital learning is a more well-adapted, enjoyable, and effective way to learn. Online learning got a bad rap after educators and
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